What is Psychology for Business

Organisational psychology is a broad field including staff engagement, coaching, human factors, change management, leadership, teamwork, wellbeing, recruitment, marketing, organisational development and more. 

Like most organisational psychologists, I only specialise in a few of these areas (primarily leadership coaching, human factors and simplifying complex work processes), however my diverse work and life experience has provided me with a unique network of ‘org psychs’ that can jump in and support me in other areas where required.

Across all the work I do, the most important part is using empathy and fresh perspective to unlock new and important questions for individuals and businesses. I get a real buzz out of unlocking new opportunities.

Who I Work With

As a consultant for nearly a decade, I have worked significantly across rail, logistics, energy and other safety-critical industries (e.g. Vestas, Sadleirs, Jemena, Metro Trains Melbourne, V/Line, SCT Logistics, Sadleirs, Yarra Trams), as well spending a significant amount of time in healthcare, hospitality, academia, events management and services.

Over the past three years, I have also branched into coaching. Primarily, I have helped highly capable employees with technical backgrounds to unlock their leadership potential.

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Just some of the ways Lynchpin Psychology can help your business.

Coaching Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs

With nearly a decade of experience as a Human Factors practitioner, which includes interviewing a range of professionals to understand their jobs and the challenges they face, I have branched into coaching aspiring executives, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Human Factors and High Risk Industries

I am approaching a decade of consulting in human factors, process simplification and systems assurance across rail projects, roads, energy and other high risk industries…but I’m just one person – part of an amazing team at Opposite.

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Supporting Local

Thriving local economies give people more job options closer to home, resulting in more time for family or themselves, less crowded roads and trains, less pollution and better connected local communities.

Current Projects

Head of Human Factors (opposite.com.au)
2022 -

Head of Human Factors
Leadership/Executive Coaching
2021 -

coaching future leaders and entrepreneurs


What My Clients Say

Marty coordinated individual coaching for a number of our key leaders, spending time to ensure the coaching match was right. This is an important investment to support our leader’s development at Hearth.

Justin Scanlon Chairman & Founder Hearth Australia

I highly recommend Lynchpin Psychology if your staff have to deal with complex processes. Our crews are much happier, safer and more productive now that Marty has helped us reorganise everything.

Veronica Myers

Marty has a knack for asking questions that get straight to the heart of the problem. Highly recommend him to facilitate workshops or chair complex discussions between different stakeholders.

Andrew Chan

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