About Us

Martin (Marty) Lynch

Director / Psychologist

BA(Psych), PGDip(Psych), MPsych(Org), MAPS



“Us” is really me, plus my networks. Perhaps I should explain a little about where my networks have come from…

Prior to studying psychology in my early 20s I worked in a variety of industries including hospitality abroad and as a medical receptionist back in Melbourne. After briefly becoming primary carer for my terminally ill mother, I worked casually as a sessional researcher for NGOs and then Monash (where I stayed for 8 years) and combined this with the role of Programs Coordinator for the Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Inc (ACSPRI) for six years. At ACSPRI I was the central contact person for thousands of academics, PhD students and government/NGO researchers undertaking short courses in statistics at universities across Australia. During this time I worked closely with dozens of field leaders and liaised with a range of service providers to make the ACSPRI events run smoothly.

I then spent a year or two trying to launch a start up in the services sector (which appears to have been a little ahead of its time) before joining Opposite and returning to my psychology roots around six years ago. By this time, with a young family, I returned to study; chipping away at my Master of Psychology (Organisational) at Deakin part time while working as a consultant full time. At Deakin, I have reconnected with some old university contacts, and had the pleasure of getting to know some amazing young talent across several cohorts of business professionals that have earned full registration as psychologists over the past few years or are due to very soon!

I love working with the team at Opposite, but I also have a few passions of my own, which I am pursuing through Lynchpin Psychology.

In terms of the way I work, what ties my work history together is a passion for truly understanding problems and enabling practical solutions, whether through activating others or doing the work myself. Part philosopher. Part pragmatist. Part networker. I have a knack for uncovering key questions and the soft skills to ask these question with tact and good humour (and sometimes dad jokes).