Our Expertise

The following are some of the services and expertise we offer to business. Other skills, such as assigning puns to our services, is perhaps…less valuable.

The Psychological Experience of Commuting

I am currently testing a framework to understand how the psychological experience of commuting (including by vehicle, PT, bike or foot) impacts the individual, the workplace and the community. A one-page summary of this research so far is available here or you can get in contact if you would like a PDF version.

Coaching Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs

I have nearly a decade of experience as a Human Factors practitioner, which includes interviewing a range of professionals to understand their jobs and the challenges they face. Since 2021, I have branched into coaching aspiring executives, leaders and entrepreneurs. 

The Value of Delphi Panels in Business

Widely used in health but underutilised in business, Delphi panels can be a cost-effective way of drawing on expert advice to reach consensus on complicated topics.

Having used this technique as part of my Masters Thesis, I can help build and execute a Delphi process for businesses.

Human Factors and High Risk Industries

I am approaching a decade of consulting in human factors, process simplification and systems assurance across rail projects, roads, energy and other high risk industries…but I’m just one person – part of an amazing team at Opposite.

Explore Opposite at www.opposite.com.au.

Support for Local Businesses

Thriving local economies give people more job options closer to home, resulting in more time for family or themselves, less crowded roads and trains, less pollution and better connected local communities.

I will be launching discounted and pro bono psychology initiatives for businesses in my local area (Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula) and for organisations with a focus on their own local area. Stay tuned for details, or get in contact!